LetturaNotePro 2.7

Practice reading notes and train your ear with this amazing musical software
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LetturaNotePro is an excellent program designed to help you to improve your musical skills. With this musical utility, you will be able to practice:

- Reading notes. Within its easy to use interface, first you will have to choose among four treble clefs, four bass clefs, or 5 octaves. Then, when you press the start button, any random note between the chosen interval will be shown and played. When you recognize the Recognize the shown note, you can make a click on the colored button relative to the shown note (D, F, A, C, E, G, B) or type the relative key of the shown note on your keyboard. By clicking Stop button, the exercise will end, and your results will be shown.

- Train your ear. Within other program's window, you will learn to: recognize the pitch of a note; recognize an interval (harmonic, ascending, melodic + harmonic, or descending); recognize if a chord is major, minor, augmented or diminished; recognize 12 major and 12 minor tonalities; and recognize a note on a virtual keyboard.

- Learning Instruments. This is to help students learn to proceed with the rhythm and melody of a score. In fact, a score of up to 4 voices can be memorized and listened to repeatedly. There are 127 different kind of instruments where you will be able to play a score.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Easy to use interface
  • Practice 3 musical skills with just 1 program


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